Minister Gigaba responds

By Faeza
01 December 2015

Minister Malusi Gigaba responds to the alleged defamation against his family by Buhle Mkhize, who has written an poen letter with details of her alleged affair with the Minister. Minister Gigaba explains that he will resort to legal action

I did not want to address this as more pertinent issues such as building my family and serving my country are much more important. However, the source of this defamation has developed an unhealthy obsession with my family. The more my family and I have attempted to be graceful and be above the attention seeking slander, the more it has intensified. My family , in particular wife, have been subjected to a protracted campaign of public embarrassment and cyber harassment. I could retort to exposing the fabrications and blatant inconsistencies in these allegations but I can only blame myself for befriending a person who had sinister motives. I regret exposing my family to such an individual but truly can only blame myself. The defamation has left me no option but to speak out and seek legal remedies to protect my loved ones. We have been subjected to enough stalking and defamation. I place on record that my priorities are serving my country and being a family man - these two decisions are the proudest I have ever made. I have pledged my life to my wife, children, movement and my country. This will not change. As my wife stated previously: We have moved on as a family and hope that everyone else will do the same."

There was an exchange of words betweeen Mrs Gigaba and Buhle after Buhle posted a

picture of herself in a man's shirt and claimed that it belonged to her former lover and