Mkhonto from Uzalo has started his own luxury bags business

By Faeza
10 August 2016

After not being casted for the second season of Uzalo, Bonga Dlamini who played Mkhonto Xulu decided to start his own business.

Dlamini decided to start his own luxury bag business.

He said exiting the drama series was a blessing in disguise because it made him venture into the business of selling luxury bags, while he was still on the show he could not start the business because of his busy schedule.

He added that his idea of selling bags came to him while he was on holiday in Ethopia. "I was fascinated by how the country had changed its economic fortunes around by focusing on producing leather goods,” he said.

"You cannot rely on acting alone for a living because it is not predictable; one minute you're a star and the next you're a pauper,” he concluded.