Mnet Highlights

By Faeza
22 June 2015

Monday 22 June 2015 21:00 Web Therapy 3 "Relax, Reboot, Revenge" *Season 3 Starts * Fiona (LISA KUDROW) indulges in some R&R at a Laguna Beach resort, following her closeted husband's disastrous campaign "outing." Her shipboard romance with another guest (STEVE CARELL) is going well – perhaps a little too well – but the real world intrudes when her former assistant Jerome (DAN BUCATINSKY) calls with news about rival "Net Therapy," former paramour Austen (ALAN CUMMING) begs for Fiona's forgiveness while sitting alongside his very pregnant, very hormonal fiancée (JENNIFER ELISE COX), and she fields a call from Whistlin' composer Franny Marshall (MEGAN MULLALLY), who suffers from crippling writer's block and needs inspiration from the show's source material, Fiona herself. 21:30 Penny Dreadful 02 "Fresh Hell" *Season 2 Starts*

Tuesday 23 June 2015

02:00 True Detective 2 *Season 2 Express TX Starts * Available on the following DStv Catch Up platforms: EXPLORA   Monday 22 June 2015 22:00 White Collar 6 "Au Revoir" *Series Ends*   Tuesday 23 June 2015 19:30 Mom 2 "Fun Girl Stuff And Eternal Salvation" *Series Ends* The creator of The Big Bang Theory brings us this wacky sitcom about a dysfunctional family. Son Roscoe makes an announcement that causes Christy some distress.