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Mnet Sunday 17 May 2015

By admin
17 May 2015

07:00  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 0151                                                           

07:40  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 0152                                               

08:30  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 0153                                               

09:20  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 0154                                               

10:10  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 0155                                               

11:00  GAMBIT PG13VL Comedy  Crime

In this revenge comedy an art curator seeks to get back at his abusive boss by selling him a fake painting. Chaos ensures as he seeks the help of an unpredictable Texas rodeo queen.

13:00  CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF SOUTH AFRICA YR1 0013                                                   

14:00  MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D 2  #F043 "S.O.S. (PART ONE)"   

15:00  GREY'S ANATOMY 11 #F238 "WHEN I GROW UP"                                          

16:00  CHICAGO FIRE 3 #G4121 "WE CALLED HER JELLY BEAN"                                         

17:00  FIXER, THE 4 #F065 "HONOR THY FATHER"                             

18:00  MY STORY 01 0001 

My Story is an upbeat, personal journey into the intimate lives of some of our well known celebrities. Viewers will be taken on a touching journey from trials and tribulations to present day.

19:00  CARTE BLANCHE 28  0007                                                                                     

20:05  DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES       PG13VL Action Science Fiction    

The visually resplendent Oscar-nominated sequel follows genetically evolved apes and human survivors as they face a possible war to determine Earth's dominant species.

22:15  LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER 2 #37                                                       

22:45  VICE 3 #29 “SWEET HOME ALABAMA & HAITIAN MONEY PIT”                                

23:15  CSI: CYBER 01 #0104 "L0M1S"                                                                

00:15  ESCAPE PLAN 16VL Action Mystery        

Action legend Sylvester Stallone stars in this tense thriller about a man who’s wrongly incarcerated and must now get out of an ‘escape proof’ prison that he designed.

02:10  IMPOSTER, THE 13VL         Documentary           Drama           

04:00  DOUBLE, THE 13V    Action Crime

A retired CIA operative is paired with a young FBI agent to unravel the mystery of a senator's murder, with all signs pointing to a Soviet assassin