Mnet Sunday 26 April 2015

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26 April 2015

07:00  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 #12139                                                      

07:45  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 #12140                                                      

08:30  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 #12141                                                      

09:15  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 #12142                                                      

10:00  ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, THE 12 #12143                                                      

11:00  SO UNDERCOVER     PG13VL Action Comedy     

A tough, street-smart private eye is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority.

13:00  CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF SOUTH AFRICA YR1 0010                                       

14:00  MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D 2  #F040                                                      

15:00  GREY'S ANATOMY 11 #F235 "I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE"                               


17:00  FIXER, THE 4 #F062 "THE TESTIMONY OF DIEGO MUNOZ"                          

18:00  CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF SOUTH AFRICA YR1 0011                                       

19:00  CARTE BLANCHE 2015/2016 0069                                                                      

20:05  22 JUMP STREET      16VL   Action Comedy        

The hilarious sequel to the 2012 bromantic comedy starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Schmidt and Jenko’s friendship is seriously tested when they go undercover at a college.

22:00  LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER 2 #34                                                       

22:30  VICE 3 #26                                                                                       

23:00  CSI: CYBER 01 #0110 "CROWD SOURCED"                                                       

00:05  BEST MAN HOLIDAY, THE  16SNL Comedy        

Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut and the crew return for the long-awaited sequel to the hit film, The Best Man. But, if they are all going to get along, they must first settle old differences.

02:25  PAPERBOY, THE       16VSNL Thriller       

Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey and Nicole Kidman star in this seething, sexy murder mystery set in 1960s South Florida.


Ali's biggest match, his fight with the US government. A film about the politics and hubris surrounding the Vietnam War and the revenge exacted on America's greatest sportsman of the 20th century because he refused to fight in that war.