Mo Flava

By admin
30 August 2013

Born and bred in Dube, Soweto, Mo Flava is a focused and ambitious young man, driven by an intense interest and passion in media. The media’s power over society is what prompted and inspired Mo to be a part of such an influential industry.

Mo Flava’s interest in radio stems from the medium’s ability to relate to different people in a very personal and interactive manner. He views radio as one of the main drivers not only of information, but also of popular culture and perceptions. It is for this reason that he fell in love with this medium.

Mo Flava is also driven by music, with a huge passion for deep and soulful music. Joining one of the country’s biggest youth radio stations, YFM, was a dream which Mo Flava held very close to his heart, and it came true in spectacular fashion.

Mo Flava embarked on a Media Studies diploma at Boston Media House, majoring in radio broadcasting, programming and journalism. This has given Mo Flavaa solid skills set, which he used to conquer the broadcasting and programming fraternity.

Mo Flava is a popular club DJ, co-host of Club 808 and jock of YFM’s breakfast show called “Flava in the Morning”. Catch it every weekday from 6am-9am.