Mom 'cuts off toddler son's penis' because 'it's too big for his age'

By Faeza
14 March 2017

A two-year-old boy has been in hospital in the southern Zimbabwe city of Bulawayo for two months after his mother cut off his penis, it was reported on Tuesday.

The mother is alleged to have told neighbours that the boy's penis was "too big for his age", the state-run Chronicle reported. She has now been taken to a psychiatric hospital.

A family member told the paper: "We are equally shocked and sad that the boy will live without his manhood for the rest of his life. It was a traumatic incident and we hope both him and the mother will recover."

Authorities at Mpilo Central Hospital are now looking for a children's home to place the child in.

The mother is reported to have been taken to Ingutsheni Central Hospital, a psychiatric institution.

Source: News24