Monday 18 November 2013

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18 November 2013

Monday 18 November 2013

#Generations: Akhona is convinced Kimberley’s hiding something from her. Zodwa isn’t ready to give up the love of her life yet. Ngamla has a major setback.

#Isidingo: Things take a turn for the worst and Ben comes face to face with the reason why. Ntando finds a place to call home. Caitlin feels that it is a day to celebrate, appreciate and wear a wig.

#Muvhango: An unwanted guest arrives at the royal house. Busani finally reads the letter Joyce wrote to him on her death bed. Rendani is left embarrassed when a new waiter calls her a snob.

#Rhythmcity:Stella’s phone goes missing and she believes that Victoria stole it. Suffocate tells the staff that they can take some time off, because the club will be operating only at lunch. David tries to bribe Mbuso. Suffocate’s mother tells him that she is going to stay with relatives in KZN.