“More than 1.1 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually"

By Faeza
29 October 2015

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month winds down and while most people are familiar with the disease, many may not necessarily be aware of the extent to which it affects women both globally and in South Africa.

“According to the National Cancer Registry, breast cancer is the most common cancer among South African women, constituting 20.82% of all cancers” says Dr Philippa Peil, Chief Medical Officer at Liberty. “The global statistics are just as frightening; breast cancer accounts for one out of every four diagnoses of cancer in women worldwide, with more than 1.1 million women being diagnosed annually. It is also the most frequently diagnosed cancer and is the leading cause of deaths among women diagnosed with cancer globally.”

Women face a range of health challenges that include growing risks for chronic non-communicable diseases as they age, the latest claim statistics report published by Liberty shows that 32.4% of all claims paid to women were for cancer