Moroccan chicken tagine

By Faeza
02 February 2017



¦ 45ml (3 tablespoons)

olive oil

¦ 8 chicken thighs

¦ 1 red onion, chopped

¦ 10ml (2 teaspoons)

grated ginger

¦ 250ml (1 cup) water

¦ 3ml (½ teaspoon) turmeric

¦ 4 carrots, cut into sticks

¦ 1 brinjal, cubed

¦ 12 pitted green olives

¦ salt and pepper to taste

¦ bunch of coriander, chopped

¦ lemon wedges to serve


Heat oil in a large saucepan,

add chicken and fry until lightly


Add onion and ginger and

fry for a further 2 minutes. Add

water, turmeric, carrots, brinjal

and olives. Season and stir well.

Bring to a boil and cover

tightly. Simmer for 30 minutes

until the chicken is tender.

Uncover and increase the heat

for about 5 minutes to reduce

the sauce a little. Add coriander

and serve with lemon wedges

for squeezing over.

You can also use

beef or lamb for this stew.

Substitute green olives with

black olives, if desired.