Mosupatsela community radio station off air due to rent outstanding

By admin
14 August 2013

The woes of the Botshabelo-based Mosupatsela community radio station, which has been off air for over a week now, seem to be far from ending.

Written for The Weekly: This malediction started years ago with presenters' unrest that led to court battles between members of the station's management.Thursday, last week, was a normal day for everyone, with presenters busy with their daily routines, management handling their finances and the board of directors receiving updates of the station's affairs either from the community or concerned people, until an announcement of the closure was made on air later in the day.

"Our rentals were in arrears, but we have since paid the landlord in full settlement. But the landlord then went to court claiming that we owed an additional R32 500.

We are off air now and it is a process to move our transmitters to an alternative place," station manager, Sello Mosala told The Weekly.Click here to read the full report, posted on The Weekly....

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