Mothers build homes not houses

By Faeza
06 October 2015

Where are the Proverbs 31:10-31 women in all this wickedness we are witnessing in this world today? Are women to blame? Are women supposed to be part of the building of the godly society? Yes very much so.

Men build houses and women build the most important of all needs, homes. My sisters are you still in the business of building homes? Are you teaching the girl child how homes are built, or  have you neglected the most important of your assignments which is building homes? and you are busy building houses as you now want to be equal to men?

If women build houses who will build homes? You have pushed men out of the scheme of things because you are able to build a house then there is no need for you to submit to your own man. My sisters if you are claiming to be saved but you disrespect your husbands? Is your salvation is only of lip service?  When you are not submitting to your husband know that it's not the man only that you have refused to submit to but YaHWeH as well.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry of YaHWeH