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Motlatsi is living his dream

By admin
30 July 2013

Many people work up to their dreams but Motlatsi says he’s started where he hoped to end up.

“It sounds like a cliché but working on Isidingo has been a dream of mine, it’s like the national team for soapies, you need to be the best to work on Isidingo and landing a role there means I’m doing something right,”he says.

Having already reached his dream Motlatsi says there is no longer a limit to what he wants to achieve.

"God has opened up so many more opportunities for me not only in South Africa but all over Africa. I don’t plan on leaving South Africa but I want to visit all over Africa and grow as an artist. We are the next Mfundi Vundla’s, the next Phumla Hopa’s and I’m ready to take my place. People have always looked down on South Africa’s music and film industry and like Bab’Don always reminds me, I’ve gone to school and I know how this business works, it’s my job to change it and make it better, I want to prove everyone who’s looked down on our music and our movies wrong,"he says.