Move Magazine remembers Brenda Fassie

By Faeza
03 November 2016

It has been 12 years since afro pop sensation Brenda Nokuzola Fassie died from a drug over dose.

She was born on this day, November 3, in in 1964 in a  township called Langa, in Cape Town.

To commemorate the work she done in the music industry and her life Move Magazine remembers her by stating four facts that her fans might not have known about her.

brenda1 brenda2

*At the tender age of five she had tourists from all over paying her so they could listen to her magnificent voice.

*Her first single and hit was the song Weekend Special which was recorded in 1983.

*Brenda was also known as the  “The Madonna of the Townships", she was given this name by Time Magazine after they had a three page feature on her.

*Her career spanned over two decades where she sold millions of albums.

The pop singer died on May 9 2004 leaving behind her son, Bongane Fassie.