MTN decodes the Mystery of depleting data  part 2

By Faeza
03 September 2015

Are you frustrated by data that depletes faster? Is your smartphone emptying your wallet and you can’t account for depleted data bundles which you don’t recall using?

Despair no more, the depleting data could be explained by the settings you have on your shiny new handset.

Smartphone Handsets 

There has been an increase in enhanced smartphone handsets in the market due to affordable pricing. When customers purchase or upgrade to these new smartphone handsets. The effect of the new device / upgrade device is not always understood properly by the customer.

Some devices have none or limited data functionality and other full data functionality which is directly linked to the amount of data usage. The transition from a dumb phone to feature phone or smartphone has impact on data usage.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have become an integral part of our lives. Since their introduction to the market, these platforms are continuously being updated in response to customer demands, new functionalities and bug fixes are added to make them more interactive and user-friendly.

Often, the updates are automatic and continue to run in the background and the updates often happen without customer interference using data bundles. These automatic updates are default settings on many phones. Most customers are not even aware that some automatic updates can consume up to 3GB of data. To stop automatic updates, users must go to their cellular data setting and deactivate updates if they wish to save their data bundles.

Alternatively, they can update more cost effectively using Wi-Fi.