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MTN decodes the Mystery of depleting data part 4 and 5

By Faeza
05 September 2015

Are you frustrated by data that depletes faster? Is your smartphone emptying your wallet and you can’t account for depleted data bundles which you don’t recall using?

Despair no more, the depleting data could be explained by the settings you have on your shiny new handset.

Software updates part 4

All of us want to use the latest software as it has the benefits of being an improved version of what we used in the past and has additional functionalities. Microsoft has given Windows users the opportunity to update to the latest version of its operating system for free. While the update to Windows 10 is free, it requires a lot of data which is a 3GB file download.

Surfing the net part 5

Most websites are very interactive and logging on these sites often results in data being unknowingly consumed by adverts running on the page while one is browsing a specific article. This is another reason that accounts for faster data depletion