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MTN decodes the Mystery of depleting data  part 6 and 7

By Faeza
07 September 2015

Are you frustrated by data that depletes faster? Is your smartphone emptying your wallet and you can’t account for depleted data bundles which you don’t recall using?

Despair no more, the depleting data could be explained by the settings you have on your shiny new handset.

Photo and video sharing part 6

Instant messaging platforms have become the preferred mode of communication and sharing content such as photos and video content. While this might appear to be cost effective, many users are unaware that sending videos and pictures consumes data bundles, and this can escalate to up to 16 MB per message.

Out of bundles rates part 7

Earlier this year, MTN announced that it will be adjusting its out of bundle rates to 99 cents in line with the industry norm. Out of bundle rates are charges for each megabyte transferred outside of the stipulated period which is normally 30 days. In addition, MTN also adjusted its expiry duration of its data bundles from 60 days to 30 in line with the industry.

The implication of this is that customers who deplete their data bundles before the stipulated time will be charged a premium per megabyte when they top up during that period.

Customers are advised to purchase data bundles that suit their consumption patterns and buy them when they have reached their monthly allocation.