Mugg & Bean’s Wall of Generosity is set to raise awareness for kids fighting cancer

By Faeza
17 November 2015

Mugg & Bean have decided to take their support for this cause one step further by organising the Wall of Generosity at Sandton City on the 28th November 2015. They will be giving away thousands of cupcakes with the aim of raising awareness for early detection and how it can save lives. Mugg & Bean is a proud supporter of Cupcake for Kids with Cancer Foundation since 2012 and it has raised over half a million rand for the foundation.

Every year between 800 and 1000 South African children are diagnosed with cancer and at least half of all children suffering from cancer are not diagnosed in time. By supporting Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer, Mugg & Bean hopes to assist in raising awareness about early detection in the hopes of saving more lives.

Mugg & Bean invites members of the public to come through to Sandton City and share in acknowledging what the Wall of Generosity stands for. On the day Mugg & Bean will be giving away cupcakes from the wall, each person who receives a cupcake will be asked to write the name of their cancer hero on their hand and to take a picture holding up their hand with the cupcake. This act will signify the support for those who are or have suffered from cancer, it will also support the drive for awareness of early detection in children and how this can save lives. Two copies of the pictures will be printed out, one for you to keep and the other will be pinned onto the wall to signify the thousands of people who are bravely fighting cancer. Members of the public will also be encouraged to share the pictures on social media using the hashtag #cupcakeformyhero.

Lee-Ann Cullingworth, Marketing Manager at Mugg & Bean says: “The Wall of Generosity is a way for us to give back, it is a way for us as a brand to lend our support to a cause that we really believe in. Ultimately, it is a way for us to raise awareness for the plight of so many adults and children suffering from cancer. We wanted to create something special that would bring people joy and encourage them to share in the generosity of the day”.

If you would like to show your support for Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer and help raise awareness about early detection visit the Banking Court at Sandton City on the 28th November from 9am to 5pm. “Share a cupcake with the Mugg & Bean Team and add your picture to the Wall of Generosity, together we can achieve something special”, adds Lee-Ann Cullingworth. If you are unable to come to the stand on the day, remember that for every cupcake you buy from a Mugg & Bean nationwide a portion of the sales is donated to Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer. You can also upload your own picture with your cupcake and your hero’s name onto the Mugg & Bean social media platforms using the hashtag #cupcakeformyhero to show your support for the cause.