Mutual and Federal offers insurance tips for holiday makers part 3

By Faeza
18 November 2015

According to Soul Abraham, Head: allsure & Group Schemes Personal Lines at Mutual & Federal, “Although the holiday season is a time for relaxation, it is also a time when individuals need to ensure that their property and belongings are safeguarded. When traveling for extended periods of time individuals need to follow some guidelines to help mitigate risks associated with the holiday period.

  1. Visibility is key to prevent criminal activity.

Unfortunately, criminals are aware that individuals are going on holiday and leaving their premises for extended periods of time during the holiday season. This equates to an increase in house break-ins. According to Mutual & Federal, December 2014 saw an increase of xxx claims for house break-ins during December and January. To minimise your risk, there are a number of small things that can be done to steer criminals clear of your home. For example, ask a family member or friend to visit daily – showing activity at home; leave a light on at night and have someone remove dated newspapers that are visible from your home. Furthermore, ensure that the person looking after your home has all your contact details should they need to contact you for any emergency.