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Mutual and Federal offers insurance tips for holiday makers part 4

By Faeza
20 November 2015

According to Soul Abraham, Head: allsure & Group Schemes Personal Lines at Mutual & Federal, “Although the holiday season is a time for relaxation, it is also a time when individuals need to ensure that their property and belongings are safeguarded. When traveling for extended periods of time individuals need to follow some guidelines to help mitigate risks associated with the holiday period.

  1. Make 100% sure all your valuable equipment and devices are insured.

Make sure that all your belongings of value (smartphones, tablets etc.) are insured. Should you lose or break something while away, you are covered to claim back from your insurance.

Abraham concludes: “Although we are all gearing for the end of the year and planning our much needed breaks, we need to make sure that all aspects of risk are mitigated. Following these simple tips will help you enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that you are covered.”