My boyfriend doesn’t want to get a job

By admin
06 October 2013

  “I have a problem with my boyfriend who doesn’t want to look for better job. He is a security guard and he doesn’t earn a lot. We’ve got a baby who has asthma and is ill every so often. My medical aid pays for the treatment and my boyfriend doesn’t help me with that.” – Violet   Move! Expert advice  

What better job do you expect your boyfriend to get? He is a security guard and for him to get a “better job would depend heavily on his qualifications, educational level and skill. There is no way that he can just go out and get a “better job” with no qualifications or skill for that “better job”. However, a “better job” might mean something completely different to him. Please sit down and talk to him about what you feel or think might improve his life for him to do a “better job” to “earn a lot”. Please bear in mind that getting a job these days is not as easy as one wants. Although your boyfriend’s job may not pay a lot, you should count your blessings. Consider how many people are unemployed, how many out there are so desperate that it has become the norm to say a prayer, “If I could get a job, I would take anything as long as I have a job.” Bear that in mind and discuss this situation with him before you jump to a conclusion; it might be the wrong conclusion that spoils the whole relationship. All the best.