My child has been bared from her fathers estate

By admin
20 January 2014

Q: My Boyfriend worked at the local municipality before he died , leaving me with our two -year-old child . When we met he had a child from a previous relationship so in all he had two children and told me he had registered both his children at his work place as beneficiaries of his pension in case he died. After a car crash took his life I went to inquire about his pension at his work place and I was told they would only deal with his family , his family also claimed from the Road Accident Fund . Does my daughter have any rights ?

  A: Yes your daughter does have a legal right to her fathers estate and has her guardian you have a right to inquire and make a claim on behalf of your child as she is still a minor . You have a right to inquire about your late boyfriends pension benefits and claim for the loss of support for your minor child .