My husband cheated on me with our neighbour

By Faeza
23 June 2016


My husband has cheated on me several times so I think cheating is the best way to give him a taste of his own medicine. The worst was when he cheated with our neighbour. I try to forget but I can’t. When I see that woman I get angry. What must I do?



If you are to change your values because somebody has done something you don’t like, you are heading for self destruction. He knows why he had an affair and he probably enjoyed doing that; that is who he is. You are a different individual, I am sure you love yourself differently. Don’t lose focus in your life because of choices people make with their bodies. His affair has nothing to do with you. He chose to deal with his desires and lack of self control in that way. You can choose to deal with your relationship problems differently. It is time to engage in some serious introspection and ask yourself what

you want from life.