My husband thinks about sex all the time

By admin
01 October 2013

“I am a 36-year-old married woman with four children. My husband just thinks about sex all the time and it is making me sick. When he has days off work, he wants me in bed the whole day. He does not give me time to rest. I am really tired of this.” – Tired, Pretoria   Move! Expert advice

I am sure you are tired. Looking after four children and making sure the house is well kept is hard work for any woman. I am sure that your own sexual feelings are not very high because your every day work is tiring. Unless a woman makes an effort to think about her sexuality, she usually lets it disappear when she is tired. Now add into this mix your husband who is demanding sex. This does not make you feel very sexy, I am sure. Perhaps having sex is a good, relaxing activity for him. But it is not for you. Maybe you would rather spend time talking to him, going out, having some fun and time away from the kids.

I believe it is your job to tell him about some other things you want to do that will relax you. If you do nice things that you enjoy, it will make you feel more in the mood to be sexual. Also let him know in a nice way that when he just wants sex, it makes you feel like a doll, not like a woman whose husband really wants her.