My life is just a mess

By admin
28 October 2013

“My life is just a mess. I am divorced and have five children. I lost my house, my job and my dignity. I do not have a place of my own to stay and my mother chased me out of her house. My children are also victims because of my status. Wherever I go to look for a job I’m asked about my work experience. I feel worthless and people do not accept me. Please advise me what can I do.” – Sallie, Durban   Move! Expert advice

I really sympathise with you because you have a lot to deal with. How did you lose your house and your job, and why does your ex-husband not maintain the children? Why did your mother chase you from her house and why do people not accept you? I suggest you write us another letter with more details about these issues in your life.

In the meantime, consult a social worker to arrange for a social grant for your children if your ex-husband does not maintain them. It would be a good idea for him to start paying maintenance because once his children are grown up; he will want to be part of their lives. Many children, when they are adults, also tend to want to get to know their fathers.  It is very rare for mothers to neglect their children, even when they are grown up, “mme utshwara thipa ka bohaleng”, so I don’t understand why your mother is cruel to her daughter during this difficult time.You should try to get the type of job you had in the past because companies always prefer to employ people with experience. I hope you understand that I cannot give you more advice you because you did not give me all the details.