Myths about wearing a seat belt

By admin
12 November 2013

• I don't need a seat belt when driving at low speed or on short trips.

All driving is dangerous. Deaths have been recorded at slow speeds for non-belted drivers and passengers.

• There aren’t many traffic cops in the townships so I don’t need to wear a seat belt.

The reason for wearing a seat belt is to save lives – don’t even think about the cops.

• Seat belts are uncomfortable.

Seat belts are designed to activate immediately should a car come to a sudden stop. After regular use, seatbelts are very comfortable.

• I might be saved if I am thrown clear of a car in a crash.

You are 25 times more likely to be killed in a crash when thrown from a vehicle. The force of an impact can throw you 15 cars lengths away! Seat belts prevent you from smashing your head into the windscreen, which could cause facial and spinal damage.

• I’ll be hijacked in the township if I wear a seat belt.

People who weren’t wearing their seatbelts have been hijacked – ask around. If you consider wearing a seat belt as uncool, think about how cool it is to be paralysed, brain damaged or, worse, dead.