Mzansi Bioskop

By Faeza
01 September 2015


Lokshin Bioskop: Jackpot Mathambo at 18:00

A young man living in the township is unemployed and struggling to put food on the table. His luck turns around when he wins the lottery, but as the saying goes: more money, more problems!

Lokshin Bioskop: Something About Busi at 19:30

Something About Busi” is a racy, fast paced romantic comedy about three men who are after a one woman. While staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Soweto, they compete for the affections of the owner, the irresistible Busi.

However, when two of them are quarantined in the same room after coming down with the suspicious Vark Flu, add the arrival of the suave Frenchman, Gerard, in the mix, hilarity ensues.

Step aside love triangle – this is a love quadrangle, a situation that’s further complicated by the fact that at first, Busi doesn’t love any of these three men who are after her…or does she?

Lokshin Bioskop: Ingoma at 21:00

A young man lost his mother at the tender age of five and never knew his father. He is homeless and lonely. His life starts to change when he meets Joan, Ben and Khune.