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Mzansi Bioskop FRIDAY 17 APRIL

By admin
17 April 2015

Lokshin Bioskop: How I Met My Husband at 18:00 Nosipho is on the verge of marrying the love of her life when she discovers that she’s illegally married to a foreigner she has never heard of. After failing to get help from the authorities, she embarks on a personal quest to find the foreigner and put an end to the illegal marriage. Starring Bujy Bikwa. Lokshin Bioskop: Papa Carlito’s Shebeen at 19:30 An idealistic drunkard encourages his friends to live their lives to the fullest. But is it possible to do so without facing any consequences? Lokshin Bioskop: Cursed at 21:00

A young man is cursed after stealing the revered and feared local inyanga's money. He knows he has to take it back but the problem is he doesn't know how. Should he come clean to the inyanga?