Mzansi Bioskop SUNDAY 26 APRIL

By admin
26 April 2015

Lokshin Bioskop: The Epitaph at 18:00 A young woman, having lost her family in a gruesome murder, sets out to find out who killed them with the help of the killer’s colleague. Lokshin Bioskop: Uncle Malume at 19:30 A young man is under pressure to get married after a sangoma tells his younger sister that culturally, she can’t get married unless he gets married first. From church services to brothels, he realises that finding a wife is easier said than done. Lokshin Bioskop: Battle of The House at 21:00

This is a comedic tale of half-brothers who are fighting over their late father’s house and the extent to which each is willing to go to get what they want.