Mzansi Bioskop TUESDAY 14 APRIL

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13 April 2015

Lokshin Bioskop: Something About Busi at 18:00

Something About Busi” is a racy, fast paced romantic comedy about three men who are after a one woman. While staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Soweto, they compete for the affections of the owner, the irresistible Busi.

However, when two of them are quarantined in the same room after coming down with the suspicious Vark Flu, add the arrival of the suave Frenchman, Gerard, in the mix, hilarity ensues. Step aside love triangle – this is a love quadrangle, a situation that’s further complicated by the fact that at first, Busi doesn’t love any of these three men who are after her…or does she? Lokshin Bioskop: Imali Yegazi at 19:30

A classic-style ‘whodunnit’ finds a group of actors gathering together in an old theatre to solve the mystery of who killed one of their colleagues. Each faced with an accusation of murder and with no real alibis or evidence with which to clear their names, the different cast and crew agree to stick it out to see who will finally break down and confess to the crime that was committed a year before. Lokshin Bioskop: Ben 9 at 21:00

A struggling young man receives a lump sum of money from nowhere. When the bank assures him that there’s no mistake, he goes on a spending spree - until his anonymous benefactor arrives with a nasty surprise.