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Mzansi Bioskop TUESDAY 21 APRIL

By admin
21 April 2015

Lokshin Bioskop: Battle of The House at 18:00 This is a comedic tale of half-brothers who are fighting over their late father’s house and the extent to which each is willing to go to get what they want. Lokshin Bioskop: When Days Are Dark at 19:30

This is a story about three friends who learn the hard way that when days are dark, friends will do whatever it takes to save their own skin. A young woman moves back home after an abusive fight with her live-in boyfriend and finds her father drinking with his two best friends.  The three friends decide to abduct the abusive boyfriend and teach him a lesson. In the process of teaching him a lesson, the abusive boyfriend dies. Things spiral out of control from thereon. Lokshin Bioskop: Ben 9 at 21:00

A struggling young man receives a lump sum of money from nowhere. When the bank assures him that there’s no mistake, he goes on a spending spree - until his anonymous benefactor arrives with a nasty surprise.