Mzansi Bioskop WEDNESDAY 22 APRIL

By admin
22 April 2015

Lokshin Bioskop: The Boy Is Mine at 18:00 A friendship is put to the test when two friends discover they are both dating the same man. Will they put on their gloves to fight for him or will they save their friendship instead? Starring Sizwe Dlomo. Lokshin Bioskop: The Xmas Gift at 19:30 An obedient son is the apple of his parents’ eyes. But one night he goes to a strip club and meets a young lady who dances for a living. He takes her home, but is shamed to tell them what she does for a living. Will he stand up for her, break all the rules of his proud parents in the name of love?   Lokshin Bioskop: Noah at 21:00

After falling from grace, renowned boxing star champ attempts to repair his relationship with his long lost horrible father. But he soon discovers that it’s easier said than done as he goes on a journey to re-discover himself.