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Mzansi Magic Highlights

By Faeza
25 July 2015

Saturday 25 July

Lokshin Bioskop: Portraits at 19:30

When a young man is released from prison, his return home to Alexandra Township puts the lives of his family and friends to the ultimate test.

Jerusalema at 20:30

Gritty South African drama about a Soweto boy who goes from petty crime to being a hijacker of highrise buildings in Hillbrow.

Sunday 26 July

Lock Out aka One Maximum Security at 22:00

Guy Pearce excels in this sci-fi thriller. A renegade CIA agent must rescue a US president’s daughter after she is taken hostage in an outer space maximum security prison.

Monday 27 July

Isibaya at 20:30

[Episode 564: Continuing The Romance]

There is conflict between Mpiyakhe and Bhekifa over the road development. Sunday’s intervention makes Thandeka sick. Bhekifa continues to romance Qondi.

Zabalaza at 21:00

[Episode 465: Mo Goodbyes]

The pressure mounts for Gasta.  The custody battle for Shaka gets nastier. KG tries to persuade Sydney to come clean.

Sopranos Season 1 at 21:30

[Episode 4: Meadowlands]

Accompanied by his girlfriend Adriana, a paranoid Christopher finds Brendan’s brains splattered all over his tub. At school, Anthony Jr.’s fight with another student ends anti-climactically — leading Meadow to tell her brother about their father’s true profession.

Meanwhile, Tony hires unscrupulous police lieutenant Vin Makazian to investigate Dr. Melfi’s background, which ruins her relationship with the lawyer she’s been seeing. After sorting out some staples with Mikey, Tony has some harsh words with Uncle Junior. Tensions mount when Jackie dies, forcing Tony to decide whether he wants to make a run at the top job — or cede control of the family to Uncle Junior.