Mzansi Magic SUNDAY 12 APRIL

By admin
07 April 2015

Diski Divas Season 1 starts at 18:00

[Episode 1]

  Diski Divas is a reality show on the Wags – wives and girlfriends – of soccer players.  What exactly does it take to be the plus one of a soccer player? The Diski Divas will reveal all. Ayeye Season 1 starts at 21:00

[Episode 2]

The PSA causes controversy and the boys do their best to defend it, but they find opposition in their own agency. All 3 guys find themselves on shaky ground as they try to re-negotiate their various relationships. Tensions escalate between JK and the recyclers.   Gridiron Gang at 22:00

Inspirational sports drama with Dwayne Johnson in the lead. A group of boys in juvenile detention overcome the odds when they put together a competitive football team.