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Mzansi Magic SUNDAY 19 APRIL

By admin
19 April 2015

Love Back Season 2 starts at 18:30

[Episode 1/14]

Everybody has that one person who 'got away' and Love Back is going to give you the chance to try everything in your power to get umuntu wako back.

Love Back will feature people wanting to get their exes back and will be hosted by actor, producer and comedian, Thomas Gumede.  Airs every Sunday, with repeats on Wednesdays and Saturdays.   Ayeye Season 1 starts at 21:00

[Episode 3]

  Tensions are high as JK and the boys try to grasp their award winning advert being pulled off Television by KT&T. JK and Isaac, the leader of the recyclers have a heated confrontation. The Channel O pitch has been moved forward and Neo has gone MIA with 2 new female friends. Red Dawn (2012) at 22:00

An American town comes under siege by North Korean paratroopers. A group of young patriots turn into fighters and band together to protect their town and take it back from the invaders. Starring Chris Hemsworth and The Hunger Games star, Josh Hutcherson.