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By admin
07 April 2015

Check Coast Season 1 at 18:00

[Episode 2: The Nice White People]

Honesty unknowingly facilitates a robbery and she becomes determined to bring the thieves to justice. Lerato finds out that she can finally get married to Bheka while Spokes decides to make the Home Affairs parking lot a one stop shop for drivers’ licenses, a chisa nyama and a Barber shop. Isibaya at 20:30

[Episode 486: Escape Plan]

  Qondi has made a decision about work. Iris is frustrated as she can’t go out the yard with the baby. The wives quarrel with Khanyi. Zabalaza at 21:00

[Episode 403: Jealousy]

  Sydney realises that Ray is no pushover. Sponono gets an idea to help pay off KG’s debt. Lindiwe’s dangerous move leaves everyone stunned. Skammer [Local] at 22:00

A group of friends use deceptive methods to fund their luxurious lifestyle, unaware that an anti-fraud unit is watching their every move. Is this the end of "le good life?"