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By admin
22 April 2015

Check Coast Season 1 at 18:00

[Episode 4: Baby Mama Drama]

  Lerato believes that she has fallen pregnant. Bheka and Lerato have to decide if they will keep the baby and whether they should tell the others. Simi shows off his new "girlfriend" at work whilst Honesty tries to apply for an ID for the very first time. Isibaya at 20:30

[Episode 496: Desperate Times]

  Samson’s new fleet sends ripples throughout the UTA and the Zungu yard. A romantic battle is about to begin for Lerato’s heart. Mehle’mamba wants to reclaim what’s his. Zabalaza at 21:00

[Episode 411: Charades and Facades]

  Vic has his eyes set on Mo Events. Meanwhile, Ray’s making his own moves that Victoria and Sydney aren’t aware of. There is tension between Waka and Siphokazi over her future.   The Pain That Will Never End [Local] at 22:00

A young gifted musician is being abused by his stepmother, who makes it a point to belittle him at every chance. Will he ever find a way to break free from her abusive grasp?