Mzansi stars heading to Kimberley for Easter

By Faeza
23 March 2016


Looks like Kimberley is the place to be for the Easter holiday.

Diamond and Dorings Music Festival was inaugurated over a decade ago and remains the biggest entertainment flagship in Kimberley “the Diamond City” in Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

The festival has grown bigger in size, economic, tourism contribution into the province, job creation, hospitality, development of local artists and continues to do so when it returns in 2016 with exhilarating hive of activities taking place over the Easter weekend

This year’s festival activities will also include an invite-strictly  executive golf day, public-open marathon, aerobics challenge and a charity football match by Kimberley’s local football teams.

The event has brought together a fist full of South African artists such as Tbo Touch, Fifi Cooper, WTF, The Naked DJ, Mtee, Fistaz Mixwell and many more local artists.

On the comedy side of it features Ndumiso Lindi, David Kau, Skhumba, Tatz Nkonzo, King Flat, Ntswaki and Theresa