Mzansi Wethu Highlights 01 April

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30 March 2015

Cula Sibone Season 2 at 18:00

[Episode 256]

Like its namesake, this is a show that dares you to show South Africa what you’ve got in the music department. Season 2 is presented by the effervescent Bujy Bikwa. Airs every Wednesday. Kabelo’s Bootcamp Season 2 [repeat] at 19:00

[Episode 1]

  Season 2 kicks off. Meet the 10 contestants who have trusted Kabelo Mabalane and his team of experts to stir their journey to a better version of themselves. Chandies Season 1 at 20:00

[Episode 10: Crime Stoppers]

  Paddido and Daliza take over Mac's job for a week as security guards for the church. At first they believe they've scored big time, having free reign of the church… until someone breaks in! Isibaya at 20:30

[Episode 191: Devotion] Sunday orders Mehl’emamba to help Samson. Duma starts to ask questions about Mazondi. Mehl’emamba makes a shocking discovery. Zabalaza at 21:00

[Episode 399: Things Fall Apart] Ray does his best to pull Mo Events together using every tactic in the book. Sponono realises she’s screwed when she learns the real value of her stock.  Terri’s pitch is not up to standard and Syd and Vic are not impressed.   Lokshin Bioskop: The Epitaph at 21:30

A young woman, having lost her family in a gruesome murder, sets out to find out who killed them with the help of the killer’s colleague.