Mzansi Wethu highlights for the week

By Faeza
24 August 2015


Rockville Season 1 at 19:00

[Episode – 3]

Lindi gets burnt when she flies too close to the sun with JB. An accident involving Minister Masondo puts JB’s business at risk.

Jacob’s Cross Season 3 at 20:00

[Episode – 48]

Ntombi is distraught when Andile admits to killing her father, and her confusion is further compounded when Thembi confesses to the same murder – who can she trust?

Lokshin Bioskop: Ke Summer Boss at 21:30

A coming of age story about a young boy who steals Mam’fundisi’s panties off her washing line on a hot summer day. This event sets off a series of events that get him in and out of trouble.


Wang Verstana Season 1 at 18:00

[Episode – 17]

How well do you know your fiancé? Do you know whom you are marrying? Wang Verstana is a fun game show for engaged couples to assess how well they know each other and if indeed they trust one another.

Sifun' Ukwazi Season 2 at 18:30

[Episode – 81]

Parents play a big role in the careers children choose. We speak to individuals whose parents wanted them to follow a different path, but they instead followed their hearts. We find out if this has helped them in any way.

Jacob’s Cross Season 3 at 20:00

[Episode – 49]

While Jacob tries to keep his mother out of jail, Folake realizes she is alone against an increasingly menacing Bola, from whom Chichi is trying to break free.


Cula Sibone Season 1 at 18:00

[Episode - 16]

Like it’s namesake, this is a show that dares you to show Mzansi what you’ve got in the music department. You will be quizzed, questioned, but mostly reminded of the days that made us all fall in love with the sounds of yesteryear.

Kabelo’s Bootcamp Season 2 at 19:00

[Episode - 22]

One of the contestants is forced to leave the house due to an unforeseen circumstance, this leaves a somber mood and more reason to push for the remaining contestants.


Nguwe Na? Season 1 at 18:00

[Episode - 17]

Looking for a date of a lifetime or to hook-up with someone you’ve always had a crush on?

Then this is your chance to make it happen with Nguwe Na?, a game show about people who are single and looking for love.

Our Perfect Wedding Season 3 at 19:00

[Episode - 35]

Nomusa and Zwelabo have waited 17 years to walk down the aisle. They want a perfect wedding, but with the groom’s very high standards and lack of time, will their dream come true?

Jacob’s Cross Season 3 at 20:00

[Episode – 51]

Lisa fights for her life, while Jacob, fueled by pain and guilt over Folake’s death, is determined to bring Bola to justice and unleashes all his resources.


Bounce Season 1 at 18:00

[Episode – 17]

Bounce is a new dance show giving South Africans a chance to express themselves (in any form or style of dancing) through this exciting medium in a glitzy television studio, “night club” setting.


Lokshin Bioskop:Sebolelo at 19:05

A young wife defies her in-laws by taking up the reigns of her late husband’s construction business. The problem is: she's never worked a day in her life.Will she survive in the cut-throat world of the construction business?

Lokshin Bioskop: Bad Throw at 20:30

A struggling car mechanic wins a few dice games. Under the pretence of a thriving business he spoils his family and lives above his means, until his luck changes and he bets with a notorious taxi owner’s car. Now in danger, he needs to come clean with his family.


Inkaba Season 1 at 18:00

[Episode – 157]

The fashionistas prepare for Lira's event while Pascal struggles with the publicity over his relationship. Shakes gives Thuli his blessing. Miranda is interested in Kwezi's plans for the industry.

Lokshin Bioskop: The Long Way Back Home at 20:00

A successful businessman is forced to go back to the township where he was raised when his mother passes away. He is forced to face a lot of truths about himself when he's challenged to prove he's still the same boy who grew up ekasi.