Mzansi Wethu Highlights for tonight

By Faeza
19 August 2015

Cula Sibone Season 1 at 18h00

[Episode – 15]

Like its namesake, this is a show that dares you to show Mzansi what you’ve got in the music department. You will be quizzed, questioned, but mostly reminded of the days that made us all fall in love with the sounds of yesteryear.

Kabelo’s Bootcamp Season 2 at 19:00

[Episode – 15]

Another tough week for the contestants, one of them gets a slight setback due to an emergency call from home.

Jacob’s Cross Season 3 at 20:00

[Episode – 46]

Prospero is in deep trouble when news of the missing uranium leads the front page of the newspapers. He accuses Jacob of being the leak; will their already strained relationship survive yet another crisis?