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Mzansi Wethu THURSDAY 23 APRIL

By admin
23 April 2015

Our Perfect Wedding Season 3 at 19:00

[Episode 43: Kgolagano and Sulaimo]

  Join us as we celebrate the wedding of Kgolagano and Sulaimo who despite the big age gap, clashing cultures and opposition from their families, are ready to make their love official. Chandies Season 1 at 20:00

[Episode 10: Crime Stoppers]

  Paddido and Daliza take over Mac's job for a week as security guards for the church. At first they believe they've scored big time, having free reign of the church… until someone breaks in! Isibaya at 20:30

[Episode 204: Filling Big Shoes]

  Tony convinces Mandla to turn against one of his own. Will he betray his own family, the Ndlovus? The wives take care of Mehl’emamba. Iris confronts Jackson. Jabu shows signs of growing up. Samson gets an unwanted visitor. Zabalaza at 21:00

[Episode 412: Wheeling And Dealing]

  Could David have a crush on a certain somebody?  Gasta discovers more disturbing truths about Tony. A meeting between Mo Events and Slick Vic doesn’t go smoothly. Lokshin Bioskop: Zolile at 21:30

A quiet and shy boy resorts to herding cows after dropping out of school due to being teased by other children. Unknown to his peers, his shyness masks an impressive genius level IQ.