Mzansi Wethu THURSDAY 28 MAY

By Faeza
28 May 2015

Our Perfect Wedding Season 3 at 19:00

[Episode 48: Ruby and Morena]

Latin dancers Ruby and Morena met at a dancing competition. They want a dream wedding but insist on doing everything themselves and keeping things in the family. Will they be able to pull off the perfect wedding?

Sies Season 1 at 20:00

[Episode 4: Team Players]

When the SIES staff learn they’re about to be evaluated on their team spirit potential, Bob and Sandile must find a way to turn everyone into friendly ‘team players’ no matter how much screaming, arguing and fighting it takes.

Isibaya at 20:30

[Episode 223]

Jabu’s attempts to help Lerato don’t go quite as planned. Bhekifa is haunted by the past.

Zabalaza at 21:00

[Episode 432: Guilty Sorrow]

Waka takes his frustration out on Jimbo. Jazzman wants to be with his family in their time of need. Ray panics when Lindiwe backs Moss’s quest to hunt down the killers.

Lokshin Bioskop: 10 Steps To Make Him Propose at 21:30

Desperate for a ring, a young woman turns to an article titled “10 Steps to Make Him Propose” to get her boyfriend of 7 years to go down on one knee.