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15 April 2015

Kabelo’s Bootcamp Season 2 at 19:00

[Episode 3]

  The contestants meet Tshepiso, who triggers a lot of emotion… Chandies Season 1 at 20:00

[Episode 5: The Key To Heaven]

  Paddido and Daliza are very interested in the new money-safe in Tumi’s office which they’ve heard contains a lot of valuables. When Tumi is hospitalised with appendicitis, they convince her to leave them in charge. Now to get the key, find the safe and get its contents before Tumi returns. Isibaya at 20:30

[Episode 199: Dreams and Clues]

  Thandeka dreams that her father is trapped. Sunday’s shack burns to the ground. Mimi and Tony arrest one of their own. Zabalaza at 21:00

[Episode 407: Big Break]

  KG starts her new job while Siphokazi’s career starts to get off the ground. Tony surprises Gasta with his request. Lokshin Bioskop: A Family Affair at 21:30

A young couple decide to take their parents on holiday so they may get to know one another. Things start getting tricky when the subject of marriage is brought up.