Nail that interview part 10

By Faeza
18 October 2015

Last but not least:

Here are some tips from Shelagh Foster, author of Your First Year of Work: A Survival Guide, to get you to that job interview, through that job interview and, even better, get you that job. All together, the tips Foster provides spell out I-N-T-E-R-V-I-E-W. Tick them off in your head in your next interview to be sure you’re shining.

W – Learn Wisdom

Wisdom is not about knowing everything, but rather about knowing that you don’t know it all. Wisdom is not just being intelligent; it’s having the judgement and experience to know what to do with that intelligence. You will only develop these attributes over time, so enter the interview and then the workplace (and actually, life) with a courageous spirit and a teachable heart so that you are open to developing your wisdom.