Nail that interview part 9

By Faeza
17 October 2015

Here are some tips from Shelagh Foster, author of Your First Year of Work: A Survival Guide, to get you to that job interview, through that job interview and, even better, get you that job. All together, the tips Foster provides spell out I-N-T-E-R-V-I-E-W. Tick them off in your head in your next interview to be sure you’re shining.

E – Be Eloquent

Eloquence implies clarity of thought and speech. To be eloquent in an interview, you will need to have prepared by talking to yourself. Find a mirror and look yourself in the eye and smile. Introduce yourself with confidence. Talk about your CV slowly, clearly and confidently, selling your skills and emphasising your achievements. Check your posture. Keep practising until you are comfortable and confident.