Naima Kay wants a man with money

By Faeza
05 July 2017

Singer Naima Kay say she is not willing to settle for less.

Naima Kay

AFRO-soul musician, Naima Kay, born Lungile Khumalo, best known for her hit Lelilanga , has revealed that she doesn’t want to date a broke guy. The currently single muso wants a man with deep pockets to take care of her. Asked about what she’s looking for in a man, she blurts out that she wants someone who’s loving, knows what they want and has money.     “I want someone who is going to be able to take care of me well,” she affirms. She says she is single because she is lazy to date.


The 26-year-old says her experiences in the love department have been rocky, but does not want to talk about them.    “All I can say is that my experience with love has been full of ups and downs,” she admits. Nonetheless, she assures fans that her latest and third studio album called All About Love is not about her own experiences.    “As a writer, I draw inspiration from my observations of the world and from other people’s experiences,” she explains.


Born in Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal, the songbird rose to fame when she released her debut album Umsebenzi in 2013, which enjoyed a lot of airplay across many radio stations.    She is so grateful to have had support when she was still trying to make a career out of her God-given talent. She says her big brother, Sammy, encouraged her to write music when she was still in high school.    “My brother, who is a producer, got me into music. I sang at school and church. He made the beats and asked that I write something to sing along to the beat,” she recalls. And this is how she came to know how to write songs and realise that she could make a career out of music.


She says as her grandmother, who raised her because her parents passed away when she was in primary school, needed assistance with living expenses, so she got a job at the post office.    She says she didn’t last a year there because she just wanted to do music. “My grandmother didn’t argue or try to talk me out of my decision because she knew how much I love singing.” After quitting her job, Naima Kay then went for auditions to be one of the local opening acts at a music festival in Port Shepstone.    Quitting her day job might have been a risk, but this audition opened doors for her as she was discovered and signed on the spot after performing in that festival