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Natasha Thahane is now living in New York

By Faeza
30 May 2017

The Queen actress Natasha Thahane has moved to New York.

The 22-year-old beaut has decided to further her studies at the New York Film Academy.   Speaking to TshisaLive the young actress states that her going to the renowned school will help her get to her dreams of becoming an international actress. ;

NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY ???? Back to school for me Family & Friends! Thank You Lord for giving me the opportunity to further my studies. 2017 is the year of accelerated growth. ii had to cancel my 21st birthday party last year, but here's my late gift to myself and of coz God will always send people your way. Thank you to everyone who supported me: Parents, Russel, Pretty, Gcinwa, Anna, Percy, Royal Highness. God bless you guys abundantly. Thank You to my Greatgran for her prayers. A huge thank you to all My Unicorns, Prayer Warriors & Believers for the undying love. Why school? Why now? In a Foreign country... EVERYTHING will be in my book ?? & YES ii will still be on your screens ?? ALL I HAVE IS A STORY & A DREAM. ?? #HeLivesInMe #PantsulaForLife #SowetoToTheWorld #KasLamaKasi #MotherMary #MisterJesus #StudentLife #GodsWill

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Natasha is also set to release a book and a reality show.