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NEHAWU on strike

By Faeza
23 November 2015

Nehawu's strike will continue on Monday while the union and Parliament's management continue meeting to try and resolve a dispute over performance bonuses.

Parliament branch chairperson Sthembiso Tembe issued a statement on Sunday night to confirm Friday's decision that the strike would go ahead after workers' were disappointed that a task team did not put forward a proposal on how to put into effect a plan to calculate the bonuses.

The task team comprises three members from the National Education Health and Allied Workers Union and management respectively and was established to devise a plan on how to put into effect an agreement reached between the parties last Tuesday.

Workers suspended their strike to allow the task team to do its work, allowing President Jacob Zuma's last scheduled appearance in the National Assembly to go ahead smoothly.

They sang loudly outside a previous sitting where Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa was speaking.

But on Friday they decided to go back on strike, saying management had given them nothing to work with.

"Workers say the task team ought to have proposed percentages to be used for calculating the performance bonuses, state the date for the payment of performance bonuses and, in the event Parliament is unable to pay all the money to qualifying employees now, indicate how much they are able to pay now as well as the date on which they intend paying the remainder," said Tembe.

"Unfortunately this did not happen and workers felt their concerns were not being taken seriously, hence the resolution to continue with the strike action until a tangible plan is tabled."

He said the leadership of Nehawu in Parliament wanted a speedy resolution to the impasse to avoid further strike action and to allow the business of Parliament to continue uninterrupted.