Never ignore an erection problem

By admin
21 September 2013

Erection problem could be a sign that a man has an underlying illness, especially if he is over 45. His penis is speaking to him. He must listen to it. Here are some tips on how you can help your guy to keep his penis healthy and erect:   Problem:Perhaps he isn’t getting enough stimulation inside your vagina as it isn’t tight enough as a result of childbirth, ageing or other factors.   Solution: You can use Smartballs and Intimate Organics Tightening Gel to tighten yourself up. Problem:Alcohol, smoking and taking recreational drugs interfere with erections.   Solution: He must stop fooling himself that alcohol and drugs enhance his erections – they create damage in both the short and the long term. Problem:Erections happen when he is very aroused. If he has lost trust in you as his partner, feels guilty about something he is doing, or simply no longer finds you attractive enough to be excited and aroused, ED will result.   Solution: Have an honest conversation with your guy, or seek professional relationship counselling. If he goes to seek out a new partner, this won’t solve his problem.